CodeMeter: update firmware

Created:July 22, 2011

To update the CodeMeter's firmware:

  1. First please make sure you have the latest CodeMeter drivers
  2. Open up the CodeMeter Control Center (via the Start menu)
  3. Look under the tab License.
  4. On the right side there are three small buttons, the bottom one is a circular arrow. Please press this button to update the Firmware.

Sometimes the CodeMeter's firmware update process can only update one version at a time: when you do not have the latest version, please update the firmware again, and continue to update the firmware multiple times if necessary until you have the latest version. It will give a message: "Your CM firmware is up to date. A firmware field update is not required" when the firmware is at the latest version.
The firmware update and Certified Time update works via the SOAP/HTTP protocol and uses the "normal" HTTP port settings of the PC (Port 80, port 8080).

If the firmware update did not work then this is in almost all cases triggered by wrong or missing Proxy Server settings for CodeMeter. Please check the CodeMeter Proxy Server settings in the CodeMeter "WebAdmin - Configuration - Proxy.

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